How Fast Was The Supermarine Spitfire?

Was the Spitfire the fastest plane in ww2?

Supermarine Spitfire The Spitfire was one of the most-used Allied fighter planes in WWII, although its use extended before and after the war as well.

The plane reached it’s record speed of 606 mph at a 45-degree dive in 1943; it was later estimated to have reached 690 mph in a dive following the war in 1952..

How many Spitfires were shot down in ww2?

19 Squadron at Duxford in August 1938. Production was slow at first, but by September 1940 it was in service with 18 RAF squadrons. Spitfires shot down a total of 529 enemy aircraft, for a loss of 230 of their own.

Which US plane shot down the most planes in ww2?

2) For the entire war combined, all theaters, it would be the P-51 Mustang with 5,954 kills in ETO, MTO, PTO, and CBI all combined, followed by the Hellcat with 5,168 in PTO and ETO. These numbers come from a 1945-1946 report compiled by the US Navy for the Hellcat and the Air Force Historical Society for the P-51.

Which plane shot down the most planes in ww2?

Ivan Kozhedub is both the top Soviet ace with 64 kills and the most successful Allied fighter pilot of World War II. However, Kozhudub’s first air battle could have been his last. His La-5 fighter suffered damage during a dogfight with a German Messerschmitt Bf-109.

What was the most powerful Spitfire?

The Rolls-Royce Griffon engine was designed in answer to Royal Naval specifications for an engine capable of generating good power at low altitudes….Supermarine Spitfire (Griffon-powered variants)SpitfireRetired1955, RAFPrimary userRoyal Air ForceProduced1942–48VariantsSeafire, Spiteful, Seafang7 more rows

Was the mosquito faster than the Spitfire?

The first flights of the Mosquito confirmed what the design team had hoped for – the fastest operational plane of its day. The Mks II, III ands IV could fly at 380 mph – 19 mph faster than the Battle of Britain Spitfire and 50 mph faster than the Hawker Hurricane. … The Mosquito was used for a variety of tasks.

How many Spitfires are left?

Revered as the plane that won the Battle of Britain in 1940, there are only 35 Spitfires still flying around the world.

Did Spitfire pilots have parachutes?

Peter Proctor was a Spitfire pilot during the Second World War. In peacetime, however, the retired Spitfire pilot was able to parachute for the thrill alone. … Accompanied by an instructor, Proctor made a freefall jump from over thirteen thousand feet in the air.

Which country has the best pilots in ww2?

That meant their best pilots flew far more missions than their British or American counterparts, and recorded much higher individual victory totals: 379 German pilots had 40 or more combat wins, compared to one each from the US and UK.

How fast was a ww2 Spitfire?

Capable of top speeds of 440 miles (710 km) per hour and ceilings of 40,000 feet (12,200 metres), these were used to shoot down V-1 “buzz bombs.” During World War II, Spitfires were exported in small numbers to Portugal, Turkey, and the Soviet Union, and they were flown by the U.S. Army Air Forces in Europe.

Has a propeller plane broke the sound barrier?

In dry conditions, an aircraft needs to be moving at about 767 mph to hit the barrier. … Adjusting the length and width of the blades ensures that the propeller doesn’t meet or exceed Mach 1 before the aircraft itself. Delaying the onset of these forces ensured that the prop could operate at supersonic speeds.

Which was the fastest Spitfire?

Flight Lieutenant Edward Powles’ 690 mph (1110 km/h, Mach 0.96) in Spitfire PR. XIX PS852 during an emergency dive while carrying out spying flights over China on 5 February 1952 is also discounted. This would otherwise be the highest speed ever recorded for a piston-engined aircraft.

Which is better Spitfire or Messerschmitt?

Similar to the case of the Hurricane the Spitfire was superior to the Messerschmitt Bf 109 fighter in a dogfight, since it had considerably better turning ability than its German arch rival. Example: … The Spitfire turns as tightly to the left as possible which is more tightly, than the German Me 109 is able to do.

Did the Spitfires fight zeros?

Spitfire VC were supplied to the RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force) and took part in the defence of Darwin where they regularly encountered Zeros. (The Japanese navy fighter, Mitsubishi A6M Zero.)

How long could a Spitfire stay in the air?

Re: How long can a spitfire fly for? I believe they have an internal fuel capacity of about 90 gallons-I was told by someone who flew them that they would use about 1 gallon/minute ‘just flying around’ so a max of about 90 min then. Of course, in combat fuel consumption would likely be higher, so less than that.

Are German planes better than Spitfires?

Battle of Britain Britain stepped up the production of fighter planes, building them faster than Germany. … The Mark I Spitfires, with their superior speed and agility, were sent up to shoot down German fighters. By the end of the battle the better organised RAF had defeated the Luftwaffe and downed 1,887 German planes.

What American pilot had the most kills in ww2?

Major Richard “Ace of Aces” Bong was the highest scoring pilot in the US Air Force, with 40 kills recorded in battle against Japan.

Who is the greatest pilot of all time?

#1: Charles LindberghLouis Bleriot.Erich Hartmann.Charles E. Yeager.Baron Manfred Von Richthoven.James ‘Jimmy’ Doolittle.The Wright Brothers.Amelia Earhart.Charles Lindbergh.More items…•