Question: What Does NinjaVan Own Packaging Mean?

What is Ninja Pack?

Each Ninja Pack comes with Ninja Van’s proprietary real-time tracking technology that allows you to know exactly where your parcel is, anywhere, anytime.

For more convenience, you can now drop-off your Ninja Packs at any of our 400+ drop-off locations islandwide..

How do I ship with my ninja van?

Get started with this simple step-by-step tutorial.Buy your Ninja Packs. You can buy Ninja Packs online here. … Login to Ninja Dashboard. Once you have received your Ninja Packs, login to Ninja Dashboard using this link. … Create a new order. … Drop-off Ninja Packs. … Track your parcel effortlessly. … We’ll deliver your Ninja Packs!

What is delivery lead time?

It is an element which purchased lead time and subcontract lead time consists of, and refers to the time taken from releasing an order to suppliers to receiving the ordered item from them.

How do I track my NinjaVan order?

How can I track my order? Go to our website or by clicking here. Make sure you are on the correct website for your country. To track your parcel, you may scroll down to find our tracker. … If the Tracking ID is valid, you will be directed to the Tracking Page with the details of your delivery.

How do you use a NinjaVan?

How to Use Ninja Packs ?Buy your Ninja Packs. You can buy Ninja Packs online here and now, or at any of our partners’ stores islandwide. … Login to Ninja Dashboard. … Create a new order. … Drop-off Ninja Packs. … Track your parcel effortlessly. … We’ll deliver your Ninja Packs!

What is the best courier service in the Philippines?

Book a Mrspeedy Courier With Just a Few Clicks! MrSpeedy is also the fastest courier service in Philippines….Here is a list of courier services in Philippines:MrSpeedy.LBC.GrabExpress.2GO Express.Xend Business Solutions.JRS Express.DHL Express.Ninjas Van.

How do I get my parcel from Ninja van?

At Ninja Points: Provide your name and Tracking ID to the staff at the Ninja Point….At Ninja Boxes:Scan the QR code sent to you or enter your Tracking ID to collect your parcel.Proceed to the locker number shown on the screen.Collect your parcel from the locker.

How do I ship from Ninja Van Shopee?

NinjaVan has 2 options for dropping off the parcel at Ninja Points: Ninja Box – Automated parcel lockers….Arranging for shipment from seller centre – Ninja VanClick “My sale” button in Home page.Click “To ship” tab to see orders placed by buyer.Click “Arrange Shipment” button to prepare shipment.

What does to ship means in Shopee?

To Ship. – This is the page where all orders are paid but have not been shipped by the seller are listed. – Click on [Contact Seller] to start a chat with the seller for your order. – Click on the name of the order and then [Cancel Order] should the seller not shipped the item in time.

What is the meaning of arrived at sorting hub?

“Arrived at sorting HUB” = Parcel that is in the Ninja Xpress warehouse and is still in process by Ninja Xpress. “En-route to Sorting HUB” = A successful parcel is taken from the sender, and the package is still carried by the courier.

How do I add logistics in Shopee?

How do I enable Shopee Supported Logistics?Go to: Seller Centre > Shop Settings > My Addresses. … Go to: Seller Centre > Shop Settings > My Shipping. … Go to: Seller Centre > My Products. … Click Update at the bottom right corner of the page.I have many listings, how do I update all of them at one time? … Learn to Ship your orders by Shopee Supported Logistics!

Where can I buy airway bill Shopee?

Arrange shipment for Shopee Supported LogisticsGo to Seller Centre and select My Shipment.Click on Arrange Shipment.Choose the I Will Dropoff option.Click Confirm.Note down the tracking number.Refer to the list to find the nearest dropoff point.Print out the air waybill.

What is own packaging?

Instead of requiring parcels to be fitted into small, medium, and large box sizes, sellers can now manage the packaging of parcels; making delivery of bulky items or items with an irregular shape, easier considering the volumetric weight.

What is NinjaVan integrated?

NinjaVan have partnered and integrated their system with Shopee. With the newly supported logistics provider, sellers can now easily arrange shipping from the Shopee App. … NinjaVan enables COD for sellers in serviceable areas (Metro Manila , North Luzon , South Luzon , Visayas , Mindanao).

How long does NinjaVan take to deliver?

After we pick up your Ninja Packs from our drop-off point, they will be delivered to your recipient within 1 to 3 working days, anytime between 9am-10pm.

How much is delivery on Ninja van?

Local ShippingMode of DeliveryNinja Van Standard CourierNinja Van Express CourierCostSGD2.50 (flat)SGD4.50 (flat)TrackingYesYesDelivery Lead Time1-3 working days1-2 working daysDoorstep DeliveryYesYes1 more row

How do I get an airway bill Shopee?

Below are the steps for you to obtain your own return air waybill to be used to return these parcels. 1) From Shopee Homepage > Me > My Purchase > Return Refund > Find the relevant order. Click on “Select Courier” > Select Poslaju > Confirm.

How do I ship NinjaVan?

2. Process of creating delivery ordersStep 3: Customers create delivery requests on the system.Step 4: Upon receiving requests on the system, Ninja Van will send the driver to pick up the goods at requested place.Step 5: Ninja Van will check the package and deliver it to the address indicated on the package.More items…

What is the best courier in Shopee?

What is Shopee Supported Logistics?Standard Delivery (via Shopee Xpress)Xpost Integrated.Ninja Van Integrated (with own packaging)2GO Integrated.J&T Express.LBC Express.XDE.Gogo Xpress.

How do I become a Shopee Courier?

Step 1: Log in to Shopee official website and fill in the application information. Step 2: The staff of Shopee will contact you if your application is approved. Step 3: Fill in form of batch listing products as required. Step 4: Set up the logistics and payment according to the rules.

How do I pack my Shopee orders?

Put all liquid products in sealed plastic bags to avoid spillage. Kindly place it in an upright position in the box and seal the package. Group all products from the same order in a single package. Put clothing in plastic bags before placing it inside the pouch.