Question: What Is A Bawbag Slang?

Is outwith a Scottish word?

In Scottish English, outwith means outside.

It is, however, necessary on occasion to work outwith these hours..

What does clutha mean in English?

Clutha may refer to: The name of the River Clyde in Latin, from Cumbric (as in Ystrad Clut) Clutha ferry passenger steamers on the River Clyde in Glasgow from 1884 to 1903. Clutha (dance), a Scottish country dance. The Clutha, a traditional Scottish band.

What does Bawbag mean?

Bawbag is the Scottish slang term used instead of scrotum. The OED calls bawbag a “disparaging” way to describe “an ignorant, obnoxious, or otherwise detestable person, especially a man”. Other Scots words for idiot to be added include bam, bampot, bamstick, roaster and tube.

What does Stoater mean in slang?

stoater (plural stoaters) (informal) (Scotland, Ireland) A beautiful girl or woman. (Scotland, Ireland, more generally) Anything especially nice. (Scotland, Ireland, horse racing) A horse that wins against the odds.

What is the meaning of NAE?

NoNAE means “No”.