Question: What Is Another Word For By Chance?

What is the synonym of by chance?

accidental, occurring by accident, occurring by chance, fortuitous, adventitious, fluky, coincidental, casual, serendipitous, random, aleatory.

unexpected, unforeseen, unanticipated, unforeseeable, unlooked-for.

unintentional, unintended, inadvertent, involuntary, unplanned, unpremeditated, unthinking, unmeant..

What is it called when something happens by chance?

Probability is defined as the likelihood of something occurring or the chance of something happening. … Resulting in good fortune; lucky.

What is a synonym for having a good chance?

What is another word for good chance?likelihoodliabilityprobabilitychancepossibilityprospectlikelinessconceivabilitydangerfear104 more rows

What is another word for get into?

What is another word for get into?get inenteringressmove intopass intogo inslip intocome intogo intocome in5 more rows

What does giving someone a chance mean?

to give (sbdy) a chance (to do sthg): to offer (somebody) an opportunity (to do something) verb. If you give me a chance, I can show you that I am the best salesman in town.

How do you describe chance?

Here are some adjectives for chance: merest lucky, sheer, honest, slight, desperate, impartial and incorruptible, exactly fifty-fifty, obviously sheer, supposedly equal, fair and universal, infinitely slender, dead and last, just fortuitous, fifty-fifty, hideous, infernal, remote but not impossible, breathless, …