Question: Where Can I Buy Giffgaff?

Where can I purchase a giffgaff card?


Virtually any retailer selling SIM cards will have giffgaff SIMs for 1GBP or less.

This includes all supermarkets, many convenience stores, filling stations, newsagents, independent mobile phone shops..

How do I pay for giffgaff?

mtkchinaphone. You can buy goodybags using credit/debit cards or PayPal. You can also buy goodybag plans from your existing airtime credit balance. You can perform this transaction free from your giffgaff phone by dialling 43430 and following voice prompts.

Can you buy giffgaff Sims in shops?

Giffgaff do Not have any stores or shops. However, you will be able to buy or get free Giffgaff sims from a local phone shop and possibly a newsagent or shop. You can also order Free Giffgaff sims Online from your account and the sims will arrive within 1-3 working days.

Can you just buy Internet on giffgaff?

Giffgaff have introduced ‘Early Re-purchase of goodbags, if you run low o n minutes or data on your current goodybag, you can purchase a new goodybag early. To qualify you will need to have less than 5 minutes or 5MB left in your current goodybag.

What is the minimum giffgaff top up?

rhort. The minimum top up on GiffGaff is £10 (regardless of whether it’s done by voucher, card or PayPal), however, as credit never expires, if you were to add some extra now, it would always be available to use in the future.

Does Tesco Express have SIM cards?

Not every Tesco has SIM cards. But increasingly more of them do.. You pick up the SIM and if you present it to the human at the top-up counter and buy at least a 10 pound fill-up coupon, the SIM is free.

Does Tesco sell giffgaff Sims?

richybhoy36. calne23 Hi you can buy a sim in Tesco but when activating it you can buy a £6 goodybag or top up £10 credit and that will activate your sim ! Once active you can get your number by texting the word ” NUMBER ” to 2020 or 43430 also it will be on your my giffgaff home page !

Which network does giffgaff use in UK?

Giffgaff’s 4G coverage relies on O2’s, which means it’s currently at around 99% population coverage indoors. That puts it behind Three and EE and in line with Vodafone. Giffgaff also has strong 3G and 2G coverage, so you should be able to get mobile data of some kind almost everywhere.

How do I get a giffgaff SIM with the same number?

If you just lost your SIM you can activate any unactivated SIM and swap your number to it. You can use a SIM you have already or order a replacement SIM. Make sure you log in to your giffgaff account when you activate the new SIM. If you don’t, you’ll create a new account with a new number.

How much is giffgaff pay as you go?

Prefer to pay as you go? Our rates are just 5p/MB, 25p/min and 10p/text. Keep in touch with your mates for free with unlimited calls & text to giffgaff numbers.

How long is giffgaff credit?

elmo101. Airtime credit never expires and only get used up when you make use of it where as goodybag bundles last a calendar month e.g 30 days. Please check out this link to learn more about airtime credit and goodybags.

How do I setup my giffgaff SIM?

How to activate your SIMActivate your giffgaff SIM. Go to or click on the following button: … Activation code. Enter the 6-character activation code printed on the SIM card.User registration. … Monthly plan selection. … Payment details. … Confirmation. … Phone number. … APN Settings.

Does Asda sell giffgaff SIM cards?

giffgaff sims are 3 in 1, so they also contain a nano sim. You can get one from Asda, tesco’s, Iceland, Poundland and Argos.

Can you pay as you go with giffgaff?

GiffGaff is a pay as you go operator. Top up your credit by voucher or card and use your credit for calls and texts when and as you want. In addition, GiffGaff offers Goodybags. Many other operators offer their payg customers this, but they are called ‘add-ons’ or ‘bolt-ons’ or ‘bundles’ or something similar.

How do I get more Internet on giffgaff?

If you are using credit and have used it up, simply top-up some more. If you are using a goodybag and have used up the monthly data allowance, you can buy and queue a new goodybag and use the option to start it early.

How do I top up my giffgaff Internet?

How do I add credit over the phone?For starters, you’ll need a giffgaff top up voucher. You can buy these from most supermarkets and corner stores.Then, dial 43430. This is an interactive service where you can redeem vouchers to add credit to your account and buy goodybags over the phone.

How do I buy data on giffgaff?

It’s very easy to buy a goodybag and it can be done online or from your giffgaff phone, just follow these steps: From your mobile: call 43430 for free and follow the voice prompts along the way. Online: just pick one from the Buy a goodybag section.

Do you have to pay monthly for giffgaff?

A standard contract is paying for calls and texts a giffgaff contract is paying for a mobile over a number of months, giffgaff don’t do contracts.