Question: Which Is Better Cars24 Or Olx Cash My Car?

Which car is best for second hand?

Best Second Hand Cars to Buy in IndiaHyundai Elite i20.

Volkswagen Polo.

Maruti Dzire.

Maruti Ciaz.

Honda City.

Maruti Vitara Brezza.

Toyota Innova.

Toyota Fortuner.More items….

What used cars NOT to buy?

Worst Used CarsAcura.Audi.BMW.Buick.Cadillac.Chevrolet.Chrysler.Dodge.More items…•

What is money back in cars24?

Money-back Guarantee is a unique proposition given to customers who are buying Cars through Cars24. A buyer can return the car within 14 days from the date of token. Applicable only on cars with Money-back Guarantee Tag.

Does cars24 give good price?

CARS24 is an amazing startup They buy used cars and Guarantee to offer the owner the best price for their car. … They told me the expected price right away after inspection. There is no negotiation possible at all.

Which car selling site is best?

Consider the following five as some of the top sites to sell your car online.eBay Motors. eBay is one of the top places to sell cars online, and for good reason as it boasts over 160 million buyers. … Craigslist. Probably the second most popular place for car selling is Craiglist. … … CarGurus. … Autotrader.

Which is the best site to buy second hand cars?

Top 13 Sites to Buy and Sell Used This site is still the gold standard for auto sales because they syndicate their listings so widely, and they have a huge inventory. … AutoTrader. … eBay Motors. … Hemmings. … Facebook Marketplace. … CarGurus. … TrueCar. … Craigslist.More items…•

How does Olx cash my car work?

An OLX Cash My Car personnel inspects a seller’s car for free after they request an inspection. The car can be inspected at a Cash My Car store or at another location. … Once the seller accepts the offer, they will receive the payment and OLX transfers the car, including the car’s registration card and other documents.

Does cars24 negotiate?

Lesson learnt – Although Cars24 executive says its the final highest price but there is certainly scope for negotiation, In fact I would recommend all cars24 customer to negotiate. You can expect 5-10% more after negotiation.

How can I sell my car in India?

To retain with yourself:Form No. 28 (Copy).Form No. 29 (Copy).Form No. 30 (Copy).Delivery note (Original).Govt. issued photo id of the buyer (Copy).Registration, RTO tax papers & insurance policy of the car (Copy).Invoice of the car (Original).Form No. 35 – Finance company NOC (if applicable & only a copy).

What does cars24 do with the cars they buy?

Cars24 follows an asset-heavy customer-to-business (C2B) model, where it buys used cars from individuals and dealers and sells them to other dealerships. Unlike a listings-based classifieds platform, Cars24 enables the end-to-end transaction itself, charging a commission of about 4-5% for each transaction.

Which is the best car in low budget?

Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 Maruti Alto 800 is the most affordable car in the company’s product portfolio. The Alto 800 is in its second generation now and the latest model has been specifically developed for the Indian market.

How can I get Olx cash car franchise?

An OLX Cash My Car authorised vehicle inspection agent will physically inspect the condition of the car and the documentation. On the basis of the inspection, the car is then auctioned online to OLX Cash My Car’s partners across cities. The entire process can be completed in 45 minutes.

Does cars24 buy scrap cars?

How To Sell A Scrap Car? … You can instead just sell your scrap car at the best price to CARS24 and we’ll take care of all the RTO formalities except de-registering the car! All you have to do is to book an appointment and drive down to the nearest CARS24 branch.

How do I sell my car for best price?

Sell your car at best priceKnow car’s worth and set the right asking price.Shoot clear pictures of your car and upload as many as possible.Put your location and contact details accurately.Provide as much information about your car as possible. This will help buyers decide quickly.