Quick Answer: How Do You Watch Recordings On Optik TV App?

How can I watch Optik TV on my iPhone?

The Optik TV app requires an Apple device (iOS 10.0 or higher) and an Internet connection.If you have not done so, set up your TELUS My Account or Optik TV account.Using your iPad or iPhone, launch the App Store.Type Optik TV into the search field.Select the Optik TV app from the search results.More items….

Can I watch my DVR shows on my phone?

With the Xfinity Stream app and X1 Cloud DVR you can watch a completed DVR recording on your Apple or Android devices through any mobile or Wi-Fi network.

Can I watch Telus On Demand on my phone?

On your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet with the Pik TV app. On your computer’s internet browser at TELUS.com/watchpik.

Is there an app for Pick TV?

No, Pick TV is not available to watch online and is only available to watch on a proper TV.

How many shows can you record at once with Telus Optik?

6 programsIn this article You can record up to 6 programs simultaneously from anywhere in your home on your TELUS Personal Video Recorder (PVR).

Can you watch TV on tablet?

Whether you’re using an iPhone, iPad, or an Android-based smartphone or tablet, if you want to stream TV shows (or movies) on your mobile device, you need to have a continuous Internet connection. … These apps are all available, for free, from the App Store (iPhone/iPad) or the Google Play Store (Android).

How do I get more apps on Optik TV?

You can’t add apps to Optik TV – Telus is the only one who has control over what apps they push through. As for connecting your smart TV, you can use Wi-Fi or Ethernet (assuming your smart TV has Wi-Fi, which pretty much any set manufactured in the past few years does).

How do I set up Optik TV app?

Using your Optik TV remote:Select Apps/Applications.Navigate to Optik account.Select Create account. You will be prompted to enter your email address and will receive a confirmation email shortly after.

How do I watch recorded shows on Optik TV app?

To watch your recorded programsSelect Rec TV on your remote.Select the previously recorded program you wish to view. You can view your recorded programs by date recorded or by program title.Select OK and your program will begin to play.You can select Resume play to start viewing a recording from where you left off.

Can you watch PVR shows on Optik TV app?

Watch your favourite show on any device, from anywhere, at any time with the new TELUS Optik TV app. Optik TV subscribers can now stream live TV, watch On Demand content and set recordings using a single app on their iOS or Android devices.

How does Optik TV app work?

For Android devices, please visit Google Play Store on your mobile device to download the Optik TV mobile App: You can access the Optik TV App through your web browser on your MAC or PC at watchoptik.telus.com. You may access on your mobile browser as well and use the guide or recording functionalities.

Does Telus have an app to watch TV?

Optik TV app explained You can use the app to watch live TV, set recordings and access our On Demand library on your smartphone, tablet, Apple TV or computer.

Can I watch pick on now TV?

To find Pick, open the NowTV App, go to the Entertainment section, then select channels, then navigate to Pick.

How can I watch Optik TV on my phone?

The Optik TV app requires an Android device (OS 6.0 or higher) and an Internet connection.If you have not done so, set up a My TELUS account or Optik TV account.From your Android device, launch Google Play or Play Store. … Type Optik TV into the search field.Select the Optik TV app from the search results. … Select Install.More items…

How much does Telus on demand cost?

Rates vary by movie and typically range from $15 – $25. Watch the titles anytime you want. All your On Demand purchases will be linked to your Optik TV account. Make a purchase on your TV and bring it on the go with the Optik TV app or My Optik Collection.

Can you watch live TV on your computer?

Luckily, you can still view live television on your computer. You have two options: Plug a TV tuner device—which catches broadcasts like an antenna does—into a USB port, or stream shows through your web browser.

Can you download apps on Optik TV?

You can access apps on your Optik TV by pressing the Apps / interactive button on your remote control. … You can also launch apps by tuning to the respective channel: Netflix: channel 422. YouTube: channel 322 (only available on 4K digital boxes)

How can I watch Optik TV on my computer?

Access the Optik TV app at watchoptik.telus.com….To use the Optik TV app on your computer or laptop you need:A My TELUS or Optik TV account. If you have not signed up, please do so.Google Chrome.Safari.Microsoft® Internet Explorer 8 and above.Microsoft® Edge.

Is on demand TV free?

On-Demand subscription channels offer hundreds of free shows and movies only available On-Demand, so viewers incur charges simply for subscribing to the feature. On-Demand becomes similar to over-the-top services like Netflix, Hulu, or Prime Video as it allows users to purchase additional movie or show content.