Quick Answer: What Does Ruin Mean?

What does ruin my life mean?

2 verb To ruin someone means to cause them to no longer have any money.

She accused him of ruining her financially with his taste for the high life..

How do you spell destroyed?

verb (mainly tr)to ruin; spoil; render useless.to tear down or demolish; break up; raze.to put an end to; do away with; extinguish.to kill or annihilate.to crush, subdue, or defeat.

How do you spell ruin?

Ruin is most commonly used as a verb meaning to destroy or spoil. As a noun, ruin means the remains of a destroyed or decayed place, especially a half-standing building or city. It is most commonly used in the plural, as in ancient ruins.

How do I ruin my life?

Here are 10 ways to ruin your life:Assume your problems are unique. … Wait for someone to help you. … Cope with your pain in a way that adds to the pain. … Fixate on immediate comfort. … Refuse to love others in order to protect your heart. … Never learn how to use money. … Allow past mistakes to forever define you.More items…

How do you destroy your life?

9 Ways To Destroy Your Life And Everyone Around YouSICKNESS. Sometimes it’s not your fault if you’re sick. … INERTIA. When I go to a networking dinner, many of the people talk about the books they have no time to write. … DOUBTS. I started a company, Stockpickr, in 2006. … LAZINESS. … CARELESSNESS. … VACILLATING. … NO PROGRESS. … DELUSIONS.More items…•

What is a good synonym for destroyed?

annihilate,desolate,eradicate,expunge,extinguish,extirpate,nuke,obliterate,More items…

What do you call a person who ruins everything?

A spoilsport is a person who ruins other people’s fun.

How do you use the word ruin in a sentence?

Ruin sentence examplesFirst you ruin my tie, now my shoes. … Nothing was going to ruin this magnificent day. … Why get in a rush to ruin your trip? … A portion of old Balvenie Castle, a ruin, is considered to be of Pictish origin, but most of it is in the Scots Baronial. … Some one is trying to ruin me. … Count!…More items…

What does ruined mean in the ruined maid?

ruined – morally ruined, a prostitute or a kept woman. – ‘You left us in tatters, without shoes or socks, Tired of digging potatoes, and spudding up docks; * And now you’ve gay bracelets and bright feathers three! ‘ – ‘Yes: that’s how we dress when we’re ruined,’ said she.

Has been ruined meaning?

(ruːɪnd ) adjective [ADJECTIVE noun] A ruined building or place has been very badly damaged or has gradually fallen down because no-one has taken care of it.

What’s another word for mess with?

What is another word for mess with?monkey withfiddleinterfereinterfere withmeddlemeddle withmessplay withtampertamper with45 more rows

Is ruin one or two syllables?

Wondering why ruin is 2 syllables? Contact Us!

What can ruin a relationship?

How These 10 Things You Do Can Ruin A Perfectly Good RelationshipNeglecting to Take Care of your Appearance. … Taking your Partner for Granted. … Stockpiling Negative Emotions. … Being Overly Critical of a Partner. … Failing to Understand Each Other’s Expectations from Life. … Neglecting to Follow your Own Interests.More items…

What does I want you in my life mean?

It means he loves you. He wants you in his life. Everything he does, he wants to know you’re there or that you’ll be there and he’ll ha e someone to call his own. He doesn’t want to lose you and if he did, it would very likely break his heart into a million pieces.

What does it mean to ruin someone?

To ruin someone means to cause them to no longer have any money. She accused him of ruining her financially with his taste for the high life. Synonyms: bankrupt, break, cripple, impoverish More Synonyms of ruin. 3.

What is the synonym of ruin?

SYNONYMS. destroy, devastate, lay waste, leave in ruins, wreak havoc on, ravage, leave desolate. raze, demolish, blast, wreck, wipe out, flatten, level, crush. archaic waste.

What does it mean to ruin your life?

2 the state or condition of being destroyed or decayed. 3 loss of wealth, position, etc., or something that causes such loss; downfall. 4 something that is severely damaged. his life was a ruin. 5 a person who has suffered a downfall, bankruptcy, etc.

What does it mean for a woman to be ruined?

Generally speaking, the word “ruined,” when applied to young women in Hardy’s time, means the women had been morally or sexually “spoiled” by becoming prostitutes or mistresses of wealthy men or by finding some other way of monetizing their sexual desirability.