Quick Answer: What Does The Triangle Mean On Samsung?

What does a triangle with exclamation mark mean on Android?

Usually the red triangle with an exclamation point means the message was not sent.

Tap on the message, and click on “Retry sending”..

What are the icons at the top of Android screen?

The status bar is at the top of the display, on the right. The time, the battery status and current connections like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are displayed here. On the left side of this strip, you’ll find app icons to alert you to new messages, updates to the Play Store, and other notifications.

What does an upside triangle mean?

An inverted triangle colored pink would symbolize gay male victims. A non-inverted (base down, point up) triangle and/or a yellow triangle is generally more evocative of the Jewish victims.

What is the status bar on Samsung?

The Status bar settings allows you to display recent notifications and display battery percentage. The Do Not Disturb feature will also allow you to stop notifications appearring and also stop the sounds and vibration while still being able to receive calls and messages.

What does an exclamation mark in a yellow triangle mean?

32. Warning light. The yellow triangle with an exclamation mark will typically be accompanied by a message explaining what’s gone wrong. Hopefully it will be self-explanatory – such as a low reservoir for the windscreen washer system.

How do I clean a charging port?

How to clean your charging port – a toothpick. Another option is to use a tooth pick to gently scrape the inside of the port. Sweep the toothpick around the inside of the port to loosen up any dust, then give the phone a shake to make it fall out.

What does the triangle with exclamation point mean in a Nissan?

Master WarningMaster Warning: Appearing as an exclamation point inside a triangle, the master warning light can point to a minor or major problem. It could indicate something like a loose fuel cap, but it could also mean you have an overheated all-wheel drive system.

What is triangle symbol on Samsung phone?

Triangle next to signal bars On older Android phones, you might see a triangle next to your signal bars. This shows that your phone’s roaming, like the ‘R’ symbol above does.

What does the triangle symbol mean?

For starters, it is connected to the number three which, in many cultures, represents balance and true wisdom. It can symbolize time, and getting a tattoo of a triangle means that you are the product of your past, present, and future. A triangle can represent three traits or values you love.

What does the battery symbol with a triangle mean?

First of all, the symbol that shows the battery with yellow triangle with exclamation mark inside means that the phone… has a short circuit.

What does the briefcase icon mean Android?

work badgeA work profile separates work apps and data on an Android device from personal apps and data. By default, work profile notifications and icons for apps installed in a work profile are marked with a work badge (briefcase icon) so you can distinguish them from personal apps.

How do I turn on notification bar on Android?

Open your phone’s Settings app. Notifications. Under “Lock screen,” tap Notifications on lock screen or On lock screen. Choose Show alerting and silent notifications.

What is the meaning of a red triangle?

Nazis used red triangles to mark political prisoners. That symbol is why Facebook banned a Donald Trump reelection campaign ad. … In the historical context of Nazi concentration camps, however, the meaning of the symbol is well-documented.