Quick Answer: What Happens To Paco In You?

Does Paco come back in you?

The character of Paco does not exist in the books You and Hidden Bodies and was purely created for the Netflix adaption, so really anything could happen.

It is highly likely that Paco will feature in season two of You, given the dramatic ending of the final of season one..

Did Joe from you kill Candace?

Lifetime-turned-Netflix series You is all about the twisted romance between bookstore manager Joe (Penn Badgley) and MFA student Beck (Elizabeth Lail). … In the novel, Joe indeed killed Candace by drowning her on the beach when she attempted to break up with him.

Does love kill Candace?

Candace is killed by Love. After locking Joe in the vault with Delilah’s body, Candace (Ambyr Childers) texts Love to come to the storage center so she can see the truth about Joe’s dark history. … Candace runs after Love to console her, but instead Love whips out a broken glass bottle.

Does Joe kill peach in you?

Joe explains to Beck that Peach is in love with her and trying to keep Beck dependent on her. … She accuses him of stalking her, and Joe reveals all that he knows about her. They wrestle for the gun, and Peach is killed.

Who does Joe kill in you?

JasperAs Joe took on the identity of Will Bettelheim (who he actually had trapped in his Plexiglass book cage) he ran into the complication that was Jasper, a man who really wanted the $50,000 that the real Will owed him. In the end, Joe stabbed and killed Jasper.

Does Joe get caught in you?

But, in the end of the second book Hidden Bodies, Joe has been arrested and it ends with him in jail (engaged to Love) NOT in suburbia like the show. So, in the books, he has already been caught.

Does Joe kill love?

It may be that Joe has to kill Love to stop her from killing their neighbour. While fans have been busy theorising over, the cast have opened up on the killer twist at the end of season two which saw Love kill Delilah (Carmela Zumbado).

Does Ron die in you?

Ron. Ron is also about as far from saint as one could get, as he is the abusive boyfriend of Joe’s neighbor Claudia. … Joe, feeling like he can’t let Ron do anymore harm, sneaks up behind him in a garden, gets his attention, and then stabs him in the neck. Ron bleeds out and dies, and Joe gets rid of the body.

What happens to Joe’s mom in you?

In Season 2, Episode 9, it was revealed that Joe shot and murdered his mother’s abusive partner in self defence. Taking the gun from her son’s hand, Sandy told him, “You would never hurt anyone, and that’s the truth.” A young Joe killed his mother’s abusive partner.

Did Beck cheat on Joe?

When Joe went to Beck’s therapist because he suspected she was cheating on him. After Peach’s death, things between Joe and Beck went sour. Soon, he thought she was cheating on him with her therapist, Dr. Nicky, so Joe decided to become his patient, too.

Who has love Killed in you?

In season two of Netflix’s You, Joe Goldberg finally meets a true love to kill for. Little did he know that Love Quinn, the apple of his eye, has a twisted mind of her own. By the end of the season, she’s killed not one, not two, but three people: her au pair, Delilah, and Candace.

What mental illness does Joe from you have?

In reality, very few people with mental illness behave like this in real life. Rutledge added that in her expert opinion, Goldberg’s actions suggest he has symptoms of certain mental illnesses like antisocial personality disorder and narcissistic personality disorder.

What’s wrong with Joe in you?

According to Rutledge, Joe seems to exhibit symptoms of a person with both an antisocial personality disorder and narcissistic personality disorder, but very few people with mental disorders act like him in real life.

Why did Paco not help Beck?

This is because, to him, he sees Joe as a good person after what he did to Ron. In making the choice not to help Beck, Paco proved his loyalty to Joe – which Gamble admitted she found to be “the biggest tragedy” in the finale.

Does Joe kill Paco in you?

All season long, Joe tried to protect Paco from his mother’s abusive boyfriend Ron (Daniel Cosgrove) and in the finale ended up killing him — in front of Paco’s eyes.

Does Joe kill Beck in you?

Killing Eve Season 2 Trailer Season 1 ended with protagonist and obsessed murderer Joe Goldberg seemingly killing his aspiring writer girlfriend, Guinevere Beck, after she discovers his obsession with her and tries to escape his bookstore basement dungeon.

Does Joe kill Ron?

He’s Joe’s neighbor, and his mom has an abusive boyfriend named Ron. At the end of the season, Joe kills Ron. This is one of those blunt-force-trauma-to-the-head kills that actually takes.