Quick Answer: What Is Another Word For Have A Nice Time?

What can I say instead of have fun?

What is another word for have fun?whoop it upcelebrateenjoy yourselflet looseeatwassailhave a flingspreeand be merryget down95 more rows.

What is a better word for amazing?

astonishing, astounding, surprising, bewildering, stunning, staggering, shocking, startling, stupefying, breathtaking, perplexing, confounding, dismaying, disconcerting, shattering. awesome, awe-inspiring, sensational, remarkable, spectacular, stupendous, phenomenal, prodigious, extraordinary, incredible, unbelievable.

How would you describe a good memory?

Here are some adjectives for good memory: spanking, uncommon, bloody, tolerable, damn, damned, goddamned, real, wicked, last, ordinary, powerful, extra, own.

How do you wish someone fun?

*️⃣1)Have a blast! *️⃣2)Go enjoy yourself, that is super cool that you’re going to the concert! *️⃣3) Have the the time of your life, I can’t wait to hear all about it! *️⃣4) Be safe,🙏👼🏼 but by all means, certainly let loose *️⃣5) You have to be so excited, I’m so excited for you!*

What is another word for having a good time?

What is another word for having a good time?enjoyinglikinghaving funtaking joy intreasuringvaluingamusing oneselfcottoning todelightingderiving pleasure from39 more rows

What does great time mean?

To enjoy oneself; to find pleasure in a particular situation or activity. This phrase can also be used as an imperative.

Is living in the moment a good thing?

In and out of the moment As with all things in the world, balance is the key to a healthy life. Being able to live in the moment is a trait not many people have and it is an important aspect to a healthy life, but is also stepping out of the moment once in a while.

What’s a word for living life to the fullest?

What is another word for live life to the fullest?liveflourishprosperthrivebe happyluxuriateenjoy oneselfenjoy yourselfhave funlove life67 more rows

What are good times?

Noun. (countable and uncountable, plural good times) A period of prosperity or happiness.

What is a fancy word for enjoy?

Words related to enjoy love, like, savor, appreciate, relish, revel in, use, own, boast, experience, maintain, have, retain, hold, go, adore, dig, mind, fancy, process.

What is the opposite word of get?

What is the opposite of get?giveaccordproffersurrenderyielddropforgofork overgive awaygive up13 more rows

What is the meaning of receive?

verb (used with object), re·ceived, re·ceiv·ing. to take into one’s possession (something offered or delivered): to receive many gifts. to have (something) bestowed, conferred, etc.: to receive an honorary degree. to have delivered or brought to one: to receive a letter.

What is a another word for get?

What is another word for get?acquireobtaingainearnwincome intocome in fortake possession oftake receipt ofbe given162 more rows

How do you say good times?

good timesgood old days. phr.good time. phr. & n.good days. phr.great time. phr. & n.heyday. n.quality time. phr.beautiful days. phr.sunny days. phr.More items…

What do you call a person who lives in the moment?

Alive are those who live in the present, cause the secret of life is in living every moment. … The latin phrase “carpe diem” implicates enjoying the present instead of placing all hope in the future. So the person who has this kind of attitude towards life can aptly be called as a “carpe diemist”.

Can you come by meaning?

to visit a place for a short time, often when you are going somewhere else: I’ll come by (the office/your house) one day this week and we can have a chat.

How do you say great time?

great timegood time. phr. & n.big moment. phr.wonderful time. phr.right moment. phr.nice time. phr.right time. phr.best time. phr.quality time. phr.More items…