Quick Answer: What Is The Best Way To Prevent A VLAN Hopping Attack CCNA?

Which type of VLAN hopping attack may be prevented by designating an unused VLAN as the native VLAN?

Explanation: Spoofing DTP messages forces a switch into trunking mode as part of a VLAN-hopping attack, but VLAN double tagging works even if trunk ports are disabled.

Changing the native VLAN from the default to an unused VLAN reduces the possibility of this type of attack..

Which feature on a switch makes it vulnerable to VLAN hopping attacks?

Which feature or configuration on a switch makes it vulnerable to VLAN double-tagging attacks? Explanation: A double-tagging (or double-encapsulated) VLAN hopping attack takes advantage of the way that hardware on most switches operates.

A recommended security practice is to change the native VLAN to a different VLAN than VLAN 1. The native VLAN should also be distinct from all user VLANs. Ensure that the native VLAN for an 802.1Q trunk is the same on both ends of the trunk link.

Which of the following is a type of VLAN hopping attack?

Using VLAN hopping attack, an attacker can sniff network traffic from another VLAN using a sniffer (protocol analyzer) or send traffic from one VLAN to another VLAN. There are two types of VLAN hopping attacks. They are Switch Spoofing attack and Double Tagging attack.

What is the best way to prevent a VLAN hopping attack?

What is one way to prevent the VLAN hopping attack? Disable DTP negotiation on all ports. Turn trunking off on all ports that are used to connect to hosts and disable DTP negotiation on all trunking ports to prevent the VLAN hopping attack. This type of attack can be attempted through switch spoofing or double tagging.

What are three techniques for mitigating VLAN attacks?

Explanation: Mitigating a VLAN attack can be done by disabling Dynamic Trunking Protocol (DTP), manually setting ports to trunking mode, and by setting the native VLAN of trunk links to VLANs not in use.

What three services are provided by the AAA framework choose three?

Which three services are provided by the AAA framework? (Choose three.) Explanation: The authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) framework provides services to help secure access to network devices.

Which two Cisco solutions help prevent DHCP starvation attacks?

Cisco provides solutions to help mitigate Layer 2 attacks including these:IP Source Guard (IPSG) – prevents MAC and IP address spoofing attacks.Dynamic ARP Inspection (DAI) – prevents ARP spoofing and ARP poisoning attacks.DHCP Snooping – prevents DHCP starvation and SHCP spoofing attacks.More items…•

What is the easiest way for an attacker to perform VLAN hopping?

There are two primary methods of VLAN hopping: switch spoofing and double tagging. Both attack vectors can be mitigated with proper switch port configuration….MitigationSimply do not put any hosts on VLAN 1 (The default VLAN). … Change the native VLAN on all trunk ports to an unused VLAN ID.More items…

Can Vlans be hacked?

VLAN is based on Layer 2 “Data link” of the OSI Model. The OSI layers are independent of each other and they communicate with each other. If any one of the layer gets compromised the other layers also fail. The VLAN is on the Data Link layer, which is as vulnerable to attacks as any other layer on the OSI model.

How many Vlans is too many?

If you use VXLAN, 16 million and 1 vlans is too many vlans. Even if you put all 200 devices on the same broadcast domain modern hardware would handle the broadcast traffic easily. Unless you’re doing ALCs on your core switch and restricting things down VLANs will not stop infections from spreading.

Can 2 Vlans have the same IP range?

The OSA-Express Layer 2 implementation allows the hosts to manage IP addresses and ARP cache, so it is possible to have a single guest LAN segment (or VSWITCH segment) where two different hosts use the same IP Address on different VLAN groups. …

How do you secure a VLAN?

A few other recommended best practices in regard to VLAN security includes the following:Shutting down unused interfaces and placing them in a so-called “parking lot” VLAN. … Restrict the VLANs allowed on trunk ports to only those that are necessary.Manually configure access ports with the switchport mode access.More items…•

What are Layer 2 attacks?

Layer 2 Attacks and Mitigation Techniques session focuses on the security issues surrounding Layer 2, the data-link layer. … Security issues addressed in this session include ARP spoofing, MAC flooding, VLAN hopping, DHCP attacks, and Spanning Tree Protocol concerns.

What is native VLAN?

native vlan means that device will never put/insert tag (VLAN ID, in you case “VLAN ID:2”) on Ethernet frame when it leaves port and also when Ethernet frame without tag go into that port device will put/insert tag defined by native vlan ( in you case VLAN ID:2). Of course native vlan relates to trunk port.

Are VLANs safe?

Because VLANs support a logical grouping of network devices, they reduce broadcast traffic and allow more control in implementing security policies. Also, surveillance traffic is only available to those authorized, and bandwidth is always available, when needed.

What can be concluded after the commands are entered?

What can be concluded after the commands are entered? No traps are sent, because the notification-types argument was not specified yet. Traps are sent with the source IP address as 10.10.