What Is Another Word For Touching?

How do you say I am touched?

i am touchedi am humbled.

phr.got emotional.

phr.am humbled.

phr.got excited.

phr.i am greatly honoured.

phr.got very excited.

phr.i am deeply honoured.

phr.she was so moved.

phr.More items….

How do you describe touching?

The definition of touch is to feel or handle with fingers, hands, toes, etc.; to come in contact with someone or something….Touch (Feel) Adjectiveschillygrimyslimyclammygrittyslipperycoarsehairysmoothcoldhalf-brokensodden26 more rows

Why does a girl touches you mean?

The more a girl touches you the more she’s flirting and looking for your attention. And the more intimate the touch, the more interest she is showing. … If she is touching you much more and in more intimate areas than anyone else you can be sure it’s a clear sign of attraction.

What touch means?

(Entry 1 of 2) transitive verb. 1 : to bring a bodily part into contact with especially so as to perceive through the tactile sense : handle or feel gently usually with the intent to understand or appreciate loved to touch the soft silk.

What is another word for heart touching?

What is another word for heart touching?gratifyinghearteningcheeringrewardinggladdeningpleasingcheerystirringupliftingexhilarating32 more rows

What is another word for touching yourself?

What is another word for touching yourself?masturbatingjacking offabusing oneselfbeating offtossing offtouching oneselfbeating the meatbringing oneself offplaying with oneselfwhacking off7 more rows

What is the meaning of so touching?

Definition. The word “touching” is used to designate something which touches a person’s sensitivity, which arouses sympathy, compassion, which provokes a feeling of moved compassion. A voice, an image, a face can be touching. One speaks of a story, of a letter, which are touching. “I am touched by your attention”.

What does deeply touched mean?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtouched /tʌtʃt/ adjective [not before noun] 1 feeling happy and grateful because of what someone has donetouched by We were deeply touched by their present. touched that Cathryn was touched that Sarah had come to see her off.

What does deeply moved mean?

(muːvd) adjective. touched; emotionally affected. Those who listened to him were deeply moved.

What is an example of touch?

To touch is to use your hand to feel, move, operate or otherwise encounter something. An example of touch is the action you do when you tap someone’s shoulder. An example of touch is when you hit a key on the keyboard of your computer.

What is another word for touched?

WordHippoTouched Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for touched?battydafttouched in the headcrackersmentalpsychoticloonylunaticcrackedbats204 more rows